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Your hosts for the trip will be Alaa and his brothers Mohammid and Hagag. Their father started with the simple feluccas 30 years ago and all 3 sons have followed in his footsteps. They have learnt the trade of boat building and management and now run a fleet of Sandals and majestic Dahabiyas. Alaa, the eldest son, has kept the old Egyptian tradition going by designing and building some of the Dahabiyas sailing on the Nile today.

Combining the traditional with the luxurious our Dahabiyas are genuine wind-blown vessels so you can experience the beauty of the Nile at a leisurely pace as those adventurous explorers did in the early 19th century. We will only use tug boats when there is insufficient wind for sail. We do have generators to provide you with all your electrical needs.

You can be assured the 3 brothers will understand and provide that special touch which makes all the difference to your dream of sailing the Nile. If you have any special requirements such as celebrations or dietary restrictions, with a little advance notice, they will be delighted to assist you.

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